CLIENT  -  Crossbill Gin

PROJECT - Standon Calling Festival


Client Challenge:

Operate a high volume, small scale bar while consistently delivering the brand message and increasing brand awareness.


RAWK Solution: 

Tasked with delivering bar support on a very short turnaround, we delivered a solution on a tight budget that encompassed logistics, staffing and brand awareness. With everything in place we provided three days of support at a 10,000 capacity festival.



The RAWK Agency provided two experienced team members with excellent knowledge of the brand who were able to deliver both large numbers of the signature serve and manage a first time trial payment system, whilst consistently offering great service. The unique nature of the bar and the strong knowledge of the brand drove an extensive interest in the product from customers keen to know where they could buy more.


Quick Figures:

  • 1,400 Gin & Tonics served
  • Brand exposure to 10,000 new customers

On The Ground:

The Standon Calling Festival was a medium scale music event at which RAWK delivered bar support and advocacy for Crossbill Gin using their converted horse box bar. 

The horse box bar offered an excellent opportunity not only to sell the Crossbill and Fever-Tree tonic signature serve, but to raise the profile of the brand with a whole new cross section of customers at the 10,000 capacity festival.

The boutique nature of the festival meant it was the ideal environment to drive brand awareness of an excellent craft gin product with its target customers.

The simplicity of the the drinks menu meant that real attention to detail could be paid to the finer points of every serve, from the quality of ice to the gentle squeeze of orange oil that complemented the flavour profile of the gin itself.

If you think we could assist you with festival based brand activation or if you would like help or advice on how to best secure and deliver an activation at a major cultural festival, then please do not hesitate to get in touch