CLIENT  -  John Dewar & Sons

PROJECT - Fine Whisky Emporium Advocacy Trips


Client Challenge:

Facilitate the delivery of immersive and educational advocacy trips for press, influencers and internal training purposes  


RAWK Solution: 

In order to ensure consistency across the large number of trips in this campaign, The RAWK Agency developed a framework that covered the storage and management of stock and branded assets, trip logistics and ambassadorial support. Within that framework we worked with 3rd party contractors, managed budgets, delivered advocacy sessions and worked with the brand’s in house team to ensure everything was produced on time and exactly to client specification. 



We delivered a series of trips that saw hundreds of guests enjoy an informative experience and left them with a great knowledge and attachment to our client's brand. The trips increased brand loyalty and awareness with key trade influencers and provided internal staff with greater knowledge and understanding of their own brand.


Quick Figures:

  • 51 Trips
  • 148 Days on activation
  • 750 Hot Toddies made & served
  • 700 + New blends created

On The Ground:

Dewar’s advocacy trips were designed to provide immersive and educational experiences aimed at increasing brand loyalty among trade influencers, illustrating both the heritage and innovative spirit of the brand to members of the press and giving new and existing members of staff a better knowledge and understanding of their own brand. 

Trips ranged in duration and content dependant on client focus, which meant that they could range from a single day in the brand home to a week long trip including all five of the client’s distilleries across Scotland. 

Throughout all of these trips The RAWK Agency worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that everything went without a hitch. Liaising with distillery staff and external contractors, we ensured that all parts of the programme were set up and struck in a timely fashion, that all the stock was on site and had the appropriate glassware and that support was available for every session. We also delivered distillery tours and blending sessions that communicated key brand messages and focus points direct to guests. 

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