Project: London Cocktail Week



Deliver the standout band activation at one of Europe's most creative trade events in line with the launch of their new Global Scotch Egg Club campaign. 


As part of the inter agency group tasked with delivering this stand out activation, The RAWK Agency provided full logistical support and key staffing throughout to ensure the perfect delivery of the event in line with all brand and legislative guidelines.


The RAWK Agency facilitated the delivery of a stand out activation that placed the brand in front of large numbers of key consumers, stood them apart from their competition and generated high levels of online coverage from a variety of consumers and key influencers.



Developed as a launch platform for the brand’s new mobile asset, this activation was also a part of the role out the brand's new Scotch Egg Club global campaign. 

In preparation for the event, The RAWK Agency liaised with the brand team and their agency partners to arrange safe and secure transportation of their new asset from its place of creation to the event location. We also facilitated the delivery and management of the stock and other consumables for the duration of the event. 

During the activation itself we provided staffing in two key roles. Firstly we provided a personal licence holder to ensure that the bar and alcohol service was delivered in line with both national legal standards and the event’s own regulations and guidelines. 

Further to this we provided a brand ambassador to manage the on stand activities, driving wider consumer engagement and delivering key brand messages. This allowed the brand team to focus on key individual engagements with consumers, influencers and industry professionals.