Our Favourite Activations of the Summer

As summer here in Edinburgh disappears for another year, we decided to take a look back and highlight some of the incredible work delivered in our industry this season. 

Launching at the end of the summer, 'The Bottle' is a campaign devised for the RNLI by Red Consultancy and designed to illustrate the dangers of swimming along the British coast and raise awareness of the organisation’s ‘Stay on the Water’ campaign (an H20 Only fundraising challenge).

Credit: RNLI

Credit: RNLI

Built into a shipping container this activation fits in perfectly with the numerous pop up container bars currently inhabiting festivals and beer gardens around the country. However the refreshments on offer in this bar are anything but! Each of the 10 bottles containing salt water, is branded to represent a section of the coast and illustrates the dangers of swimming at that location. For instance Cornish Surf is described as “infused with rip currents, surging waves and slippery rocks, this water can create dangerous swimming conditions”. Obviously the contents of these bottles are not drinkable. Instead consumers will be served a bottle of still water to encourage them to take on the H20 Only Challenge.

One of the big sporting events of the summer was the Rio Olympics. In terms of brand alignment, we really enjoyed Samsung's 'School of Rio' campaign featuring Jack Whitehall, Sir Bradley Wiggins and a host of other Olympians and Paralympians. Continuing on from their Rugby World cup campaign, the brand managed to create a funny and engaging series of video content that tuned into the interests of the nation and supported the rest of their advertising activities around the Olympics.

Away from the sporting world, H.E.R.B.E.R.T or Hendricks Extraordinary Roving Bus for Exceptionally Refined Travel, was delivered by the gin brand’s Ministry of Marginally Superior Transport and was the latest offering from the brand's ongoing campaign of the unusual. Perhaps it was due to the bus continuously passing the window of our Edinburgh office, but we couldn’t help but enjoy the playful eccentricity of a vintage Route Master decorated as a cucumber rolling around the city serving gin and tonics perfectly mixed with more than just a hint of the theatrical. 

Back in June the European Football Championships kicked off in France, and the race to be crowned football’s brand champion began all over Europe. 

Carlsberg's 'Shirt for Shirt' vending machine campaign was one of our favourites of the competition. Under the line ‘If Carlsberg did substitutions’, the brand encouraged England fans to hand over the shirt on their back in exchange for an England 1966 shirt to show support for their country. One of the main reasons we enjoyed this campaign was they way Carlsberg developed advocacy for its own brand by entering in to a form of partnership with consumers (the shirt swap) in support of a common goal, tapping into all that is good about fandom. 


If you've seen a great bit of brand activation that you think is worth talking about, don't hesitate to get in touch and let us know about it - we love to find out about all of the great work happening in our industry.