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At The RAWK Agency we believe that an immersive and engaging custom trade stand is a key tool in taking any product or service to market. We have spent a number of years honing our skills - designing, building and deploying such stands across Europe. We have continued to learn, through direct experience, how the consumer interacts with the stand, how space and flow affect consumer retention and to what extent striking the perfect balance between eye catching aesthetics and excellent usability can make or break a stand, and we apply this expertise across each and every new project we undertake. On this page we shall look to provide insight into our process and the ways we work with our clients to create truly stand out trade show stands and strategies whilst working within an agreed budget and timeline. 

As already mentioned, we truly believe in the value that an engaging custom trade stand and trade show strategy can bring to a brand. As consumers begin to place more and more value in their experiences, our understanding of the intricacies involved in creating and delivering those experiences, from end-to-end, becomes invaluable.

We like to believe that each step of this end-to-end approach brings value to a project. 


In the planning phase we begin by working with the brand to hone the overall experience they want to create, bringing together our knowledge and understanding of consumer engagement with the client’s overall campaign and individual product requirements to produce a basic overview and strategy, outlining activities and details for the stand and potential tech that could be included in the build, as well as transportation needs and life expectancy. 


After these initial discussions we move on to the design phase. Here we use our understanding of consumer flow and the intricacies of working on a busy trade stand to create a space that is completely immersive and allows for equal measures of self led and brand curated learning to ensure complete consumer immersion at all times regardless of how busy the stand and its staff are. Our designs always tell a brand’s story in a dedicated and authentic manner by tying brand visual identity to the technology needed to create a truly engaging experience for consumers at the point of contact. 



Once happy with our initial designs we provide our clients with fully realised 3D imagery of our designs and work with them to bring to life any tweaks or changes they may have or add any new ideas they want to deliver.


The RAWK Agency can then undertake full build and delivery of the final stand, including procurement of all dressing and merchandising props. This end to end in house approach to design and build ensures, speed of turn around, minimisation of spend and most importantly attention to detail.


With the stand created, we can then work on a full delivery strategy with the brand. We can undertake all storage and logistics at local, national or international level, a bespoke solution that again cuts out third party expense and creates a very deliberate speed and ease of delivery, meaning that we can react to any last minute decisions or changes to planned timelines without issue.


6.Ambassadorial staff 

When it comes to the activation our ambassadorial team are second to none, we can transport, build and manage a stand within a single team keeping client costs to a minimum. We pride ourselves on our client knowledge and always ensure our staff can deliver the brand message to the same level as our client’s in house staff, meaning we can easily manage stands without brand representation should the need arise or should the client wish to focus their time on other projects, safe in the knowledge that their trade show strategy is being well maintained. This service can be delivered on a stand we have created or on an existing client asset. Finally we always like to work to a well structured set of KPI’s and deliver a detailed post event report allowing the clients to easily see the value of having a well prepared trade show strategy and having The RAWK Agency design and deliver that strategy for them. 

If your brand has already invested in a trade stand solution The RAWK Agency can still help. Our ambassadorial and logistics teams are experts in working wth brands to get the most out of any existing assets they have, identifying new deployment opportunities, streamlining processes and helping to ensure the highest possible return on investment.

We passionately believe that interacting with your consumers in an immersive space that helps to tell your story and imprint your products on your audience is an invaluable part of any marketing strategy. We work with a number of brands to help them further understand their consumer experience in a direct marketing setting, designing and building innovative trade stand solutions that our team of skilled brand ambassadors can then deploy and manage anywhere in the world.

If you would like advice on your current strategy or would like to discuss the creation of an end to end trade show strategy for your brand, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. You can email us on or call the office on 0131 208 3066 between 09:00 and 17:30 Monday to Friday.


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